An Irish mining camp in the California mother lode, which had remained dormant for 150 years, was recently discovered. The camp was hidden in the woods and overgrown until John, Cathy, and Ken began cleaning and restoring this historical site.  Geologists have supported our commitment to Citizen Science programs and provided valuable guidance.  As amateur scientists, we work with professionals to develop research questions, collect data, and solve complex problems.  Hands-on learning is essential for teachers and students to understand scientific concepts and improve critical thinking skills.

John and Catherine French 1999

Catherine and John French  

       Local Outdoor Discovery School

Below are photos from one of our interactive outreach programs.

  A group of students is exploring and learning at a STEM Educational Science Camp. Many earth scientists have eagerly shared the big rock, which has been recognized as a "Friendship Rock." To analyze the geological occurrence within the fault line, we have decided to use a cost-effective USB microscope provided by "Plugable".  This explorer even used their camera as a microscope to thoroughly examine the area.

 Quartz Crystal Citizen Science


Magnification is between 2x and about 60x with the field of view less than 1 inch. The hydro-thermal environment allowed for the deposition (and or alteration) of almost any mineral to be captured in quartz (Silicon dioxide-SiO2).


 Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) Wires and Foil  

 Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch
Lithium  (Li) , Potassium (K)

 Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch

Cobalt fluoride (CoF2), Manganese(Mn)

 Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch          Tourmaline (B), Chromium (Cr)

Antimony - Stibnite   (Sb₂S₃)

Aluminum (Al)

 Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch


     Blue Papagoite : Calcium copper aluminium silicate hydroxide. ( CaCuAlSi2O6(OH)3 )

Copper(Cu), Iron(Fe)

                 Pyrite (FeS2) alteration in fault zone.

 Platinum(Pt) Cube on Titanium (Ti) Wire.

                                                                                                                     Platinum(Pt) cube and Gold (Au) cube.

 Todorokite  (Mn2+, Ca, Na, K)(Mn4+, Mn2+, Mg)6O12 3H2O

Opal ( SiO2·nH2O )

Lanthanum (La) on Rutile wire with assorted other minerals yet to be identified.

We know this is a strike-slip fault, but how many miles deep into the crust does it go? grizzly ridge quartz ranch site:thisoldrock.com

  1. One mile
  2.  Six miles
  3. One hundred miles