This Old Rock was founded in 1998, to study minerals and share their wonderment.  


 In 1999 we purchased a remote parcel of land with a small surface deposit of quartz crystals.  This deposit has developed over the years to a remarkable series of crystal caverns.   What makes this endeavor intriguing, in addition to the giant quartz crystals, is their unusual and amazing crystallography.  

     John's interest in rocks began at an early age.  As our Project Manager, he is experienced in advising clients.   We have a Select Inventory of Show-stoppers guaranteed to inspire, engage, and excite your audience!   

Our "Friendship rocks" educational program is the motivation for this ever expanding and delightful discovery adventure.

A group of  students explore and learn.  The big rock has been named California's official "Friendship Rock" and has been shared with several thousand eager earth scientists.