Field Trip Box

Field Trip in a Box

A fun way of sharing the adventure of exploration.
Great gift.
We are presently working on an upgraded video presentation.


Thanks Cathy; Received the box yesterday, and YES, those are really nice specimens.. Thanks for the special touch for both Jaynie and I. It is very much appreciated. Lots to look at in the box.. Thanks again.
Larry and Jaynie S. - Palo Alto, CA. - 1/12/2017

Hi Cathy, Just went through the Field Trip Box you sent. It is so cool our nephew will be blown away by it! We are giving it to him for his birthday at the first of August.
Karen C. - Diamond Springs, CA - 6/09/2016

got it.. got it.. got it... love it.. love it.. love it... thank you.. thank you.. thank you...
Brad F. - Fowler, IL. - 12/08/2016

Received it Saturday! Thanks so much. It was perfectly intact. PS - Showed your note to my son (he's 17) and pointed out how it was so nice receive a personal touch. : )
Janine G. - Phoenix, AZ. - 11/15/2015