Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch - John French

Field Trip Box

 Climb down the ladder into this Historic crystal fault-line geology discovery.

We invite you to inspect Giant Quartz crystals in situ on this 13 minute film (DVD) circa 2004.

FTB adventure box includes DVD, a bag of high quality mine run crystals, and bonus miner select crystal.

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Sharing the thrill of discovery and learning is our greatest joy.

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"Cathy,  Thanks for checking, I did receive the crystals and they're gorgeous. I just love that big tabby quartz, it's amazing!  The other two crystals are very interesting and cute but that Tabby quartz blows me away every day.  I don't want to put it down. I want to hold it all day.  Thank you so much for sending me such a gorgeous Crystal and it was such a sweet surprise to have the other quartz crystals.  Thanks again."Renee S. - Bolton, CT

 "Your Mother Lode California crystals are stunning in their esthetic appeal!  We are very happy with our order, it was easy, all crystals arrived intact.  We gave the Bonus crystal to our 12 year old son for a "Pet Rock."  Keep up your good work.  Many Thanks!" - Missy G. - Flint, MI.

"The crystals are fabulous!  It's like snowflakes -- every one is a different design!.. Thanks so much!" Cathy A. - Pueblo, CO.

"Thank you- the order arrived on time and was everything I expected. Thank you for the promptness and accuracy! I thought I had far more quartz in my collection than I could ever need until I read your article in Rock&Gem- that was a delight and it is wonderful to
see the educational efforts going on there." - Jeff N. - Colorado Springs, CO

Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch
Giant Quartz - Grizzly Ridge Quartz Ranch