Mother Lode Decor

Jaybird Quarry has beautiful white quartz boulders and large quartz crystals.  Your yard will become your favorite retreat, with authentic Mother Lode Decor.  Create inviting, comfortable, therapeutic landscapes that inspire and rejuvenate you and your guests.  Relax while you marvel in the wonderment of Nature's creations. Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

Quartz Gabion Landscape

Gabion; This is an excellent way to display your favorite rocks and plants. Keeps those pesky gophers away.

D. I. Y. Landscape project Winners 2016


  Many thanks to Jimmie and Sue.

The quartz crystal mountain in your scale model RR train track looks very cool!

Big Sixpoint Ice Cube

Spectacular six pointed crystal, 252 pounds of wonderment. 

Fully formed, completed crystal, works well with light, loves the snow.      

Monument Stone

This big quartz boulder is perfect for a monument, or for contemplation.  At the top are hard rock crystals, and a seam of crystals along one side.  We can arrange engraving if you would like a monument or memorial stone.

Quartz and Chert

We found one small pocket of Quartz and Chert.  Gorgeous material, limited supply. 

Quartz and Chert 171

171 pounds of Mother Lode beauty. A few of the crystals have stellar rainbows. Melted lateritic earth, with chert and fractured quartz that healed. Great display stone indoors or on patio.

The Bird Bath is a segment of the crystal cavern ceiling that was removed to extract Cluster One and the Crystal Plate (story on Dig It page).  Resting upside-down, crystals that hung from the ceiling for eons are now pointing toward the sky.  It holds water in three separate basins.  Robins, Bluebirds, even foxes and deer stop by for a drink. 

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is another former ceiling segment, its' large point hung down 2" above the top of Cluster One in the cavern.  The stone reflects light so brightly in all directions, we had to give it the name.  It has nests of beautiful crystals along the seat, and a small rock "bridge" on the back.