We are pleased to announce the publication of our story, "California's Crystal Cavern" in the October 2015 issue of Rock and Gem Magazine!  Thank you to their readers for your encouragement, purchases, inspiring emails, and kind words.  Exploration will continue!

The 2016 New Year / Winter edition of our local El Dorado County quarterly magazine, "Around Here," published a shorter version of our story in January 2016.  We thank our local readers for your interest and support! We are honored to provide for your Landscaping or Collector needs.

Our local Mosquito Bridge was originally built in 1867 across the South Fork of the American River.  It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in our country still in use today.  Driving across is a challenge, it creaks and sways precipitously, then you drive up the hairpin switchbacks on the old donkey trail.  A replacement bridge is in the works, if and when it is completed (2020?) the future of this historic beauty is in question.