Tabular Quartz Crystals and other exoctics.

Tabular crystals are noteworthy because they are very rare in frequency, especially in the Sierra Nevada.  At bottom of this page is a description, and what Faden means.  Our Tabbys are completely natural in form, some have large Faden lines near their centers.

Tabular Quartz


Sphenoid (wedge shaped) Crystal with large Faden, crisp edges

4.5"L x 3"W x 1.25"H

Sale - 279.95


Tabular Crystal Rectangle with huge Faden, crisp Edges

4"L x 2.6"W x .8"H

Sale - 124.95


Clear Tabular Crystal with scattered Rainbows

4.2"L x 2.6"W x .8"H

Sale - 324.95

SM 273

Complex Bi-pyramidal Habit

Exotic specimen

3"L x 2.5"W x 1.3"H


Tabular Quartz


Tabular Crystal with Rainbows

5.4"L x 2.5"W x 1.8"H

Sale - 129.95


Completed crystal with Todorokite depositions

2.8″L x 2.5″W x 1.5″H

Sale: 79.95


Exotic Rectangular Crystal with embedded Cubic twin

6.5"L x 3"W x 1.8"H

Sale - 99.95


Sparkling Tabular crystal, Faden, many Rainbows, Todorokite.

5.3"L x 3.5"W x 1"H

Sale - 334.95


Tabular Pseudo-Cubic crystal, growth Striations across face, orange patch on Reverse

3.25"L x 2.6"W x 1.2"H



Tabular Crystal, with internal veiling, and many Rainbows

4.6″L x 3.5″W x 1″H




Tabular crystal with Faden, Sugar sprinkles, side notch

3.5″L x 2.6″W x 1.1″H



Faden in center of Fully Terminated, Odd shaped Crystal

3.2"L x 1.25"W x 1.75"H


Why Tabular Quartz Crystals are Noteworthy

Tabular refers to the habit, or shape of the quartz crystal. Tabular crystals are noteworthy because they are rare. Six-sided spikes with pointed tops are normal shapes, called euhedral crystals. Factors like heat, time, and pressure can affect the shape of the crystal during its growth. Crystals forming flat, blocky, stubby tablet shapes are called Tabular.  Faden quartz is a descriptive term for a Tabular quartz crystal with a white thread-like zone running through the interior. The term Faden is a German word for "thread". They are occasionally found in the Alpine region of Europe, Pakistan, Russia, and in Arkansas. We find them in our Sierra Nevada quartz deposit here in California. Tabular crystals with Fadens are very rare in frequency.

When these Faden zones grow, the quartz crystals in them are broken repeatedly, and the healing and regrowth incorporates fluid and gaseous inclusions (the white threads). The edges of the crystals grow faster and incorporate the liquid inclusions in the center of the crystals. The results are stunning in their beauty and forms.


"Cathy,  Thanks for checking, I did receive the crystals and they're gorgeous. I just love that big tabby quartz, it's amazing!  The other two crystals are very interesting and cute but that Tabby quartz blows me away every day.  I don't want to put it down. I want to hold it all day.  Thank you so much for sending me such a gorgeous Crystal and it was such a sweet surprise to have the other quartz crystals.  Thanks again."Renee S. - Bolton, CT -

"Thank you- the order arrived on time and was everything I expected. Thank you for the promptness and accuracy! I thought I had far more quartz in my collection than I could ever need until I read your article in Rock&Gem- that was a delight and it is wonderful to
see the educational efforts going on there." - Jeff N. - Colorado Springs, CO